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About LSD

What Live Stream Digest is:

Live Stream Digest is the place to find out about live streaming content. If you want to know what, who or when, Live Stream Digest will let you know.

If it is delivered over the internet and you can watch it for free, by pay-per-view, or by subscription, we’ll tell you about it.

Live Stream Digest will provide previews and reviews of Live Stream Content and will present articles about content production and the business of live streaming.

Live Stream Digest will bring you listings of sports, entertainment and business streams. Want to know when your favorite CEO will deliver their next keynote? Looking for links to soccer, bicycle racing, college and professional sporting events? Want to find out when your favorite band will be streaming their next live performance? Live Stream Digest knows.

What Live Stream Digest is not:

Live Stream Digest is not a site for people who speak only tech lingo. If we need to drop tech-speak in our articles, we will strive to define our terms and let you know why they’re important.

Live Stream Digest does not list live satellite events that are not also available as an internet stream to end users. So, live events from the Metropolitan Opera beamed into movie theaters will not be listed here, but when the Met streams an event live on the internet, we’ll tell you about it.

Live Stream Digest is not owned by an internet video content producer, or technology company. Yes, we are professionals with years of experience in streaming media and journalism, but we do not intend to show you only one product. It is our goal to list every live stream in the areas of entertainment, sports and business that we can find out about. If you know of a live stream that is not listed here, let us know here.

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