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Hundreds of thousands watch Whitney Houston funeral live online

February 18, 2012
Whitney Houston funeral

Image from pool camera at Whitney Houston funeral.

Few funerals get shown in their entirety on CNN, in fact, it’s usually only heads of state that would receive such coverage. The three hour and forty-five minute funeral of Whitney Houston was not only shown live from beginning to end on CNN, but also on CNN Headline News, Fox News, MSNBC, Fuse, and the E! Network, and those are just the channels I counted after a cursory scan.

One camera was placed in the back of New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey, and that camera supplied the feed for all networks. That same camera provided the feed for internet streams of the funeral. Two primary hosts for the live stream of the Houston funeral were Livestream and UStream on the Associated Press’ live channels on those sites. Because these feeds could be embedded on other sites, viewers were able to access the stream in many ways. Yahoo, TMZ and other sites also originated the live feed from other streaming providers. The numbers are yet to come, but Live Stream Digest observed the concurrent viewer numbers on Livestream topping 150,000 viewers while UStream had more than 88,000. Those streams hit their peaks during a performance by R&B singer Alicia Keys.

With so many opportunities to watch this funeral on television, at least hundreds of thousands chose to watch Whitney Houston’s “Home Going” live online.

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